Alberta Base Anodizing Ltd.

Alberta Base Anodizing Ltd. (est. 1996), is a subsidiary company of Calgary Precision Metal Ltd. (est. 1990). We are dedicated to quality workmanship and affordability that will meet your every requirement.

Alberta Base Anodizing Ltd. serves mainly the oil and gas industry, food services industry, medical, sporting, and electronic industries. Our products are in use throughout North America as well as in other parts of the world.

The process of anodizing that Alberta Base Anodizing Ltd. uses provides a sealed, high performance finish for aluminum and aluminum alloys. It protects the aluminum parts by making the surface much harder than natural aluminum. It is highly resistant to heat, the finish is chemically stable, and the fact that it will not decompose makes it exceptionally durable. This process provides permanent durability, outstanding wear, significant hardness and weather resistance. Anodizing extends the use of multi-colored items, will not chip or peel and has an extremely long life span.

Alberta Base Anodizing can produce large production runs or do quality custom work. While our prices are competitive we are committed to quality and we offer superior anodizing by using a modern, high quality anodizing system.

Color pigments are available in red, green, gold, blue and black, with varying degrees of gloss. Anodizing allows the aluminum to maintain its metallic appearance while the anodic coatings provide good color stability to ultraviolet rays.

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